Hey, there! So excited to have you in this class.

Are you ready to get started?

Okay, so first things first:

  • I am not associated with Canva (a free tool), I use it in the tutorial so that anyone can create their own customized jewelry cards without having to pay for a software program.
  • Any designs that you re-create from Higher Jewelry courses and classes are not your intellectual property. If you would like to sell your re-creations of my designs, contact me. If you create your own unique, creative designs and sell them, that's cool & you don't have to contact me.

That's it! Complete this lesson and move onto the video lesson up next.

Have fun with your packaging and make it your own (this is a DIY project to create packaging custom to you, after all). This is a general supply list. If you would like links to the exact companies I purchase from, you'll find that in a later lesson.

  • cardstock paper for jewelry display cards
  • paper cutter [optional, but really useful] or scissors
  • cellophane bags for covering the display cards
  • jewelry boxes to place the cards inside of
  • printable stickers/labels or pre-made stickers with designs you enjoy

Beyond this you can go on and include washi tape, tissue paper, wrapping paper, confetti, package stuffing, etc.